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Puta madre tome 3 langues de putes

for beaner and is particularly offensive when used by a non-Mexican person towards a Mexican in the southwestern United States. In Cuba, by extension, other palmipedes's names are used to denote gayness: "oca" ( greylag goose, "cisne" ( swan "ganso" ( goose ) and even "gaviota" ( seagull ). Cojones alone can also be used much like the four-word exclamations, though less usually; it is frequently a giveaway for native Catalan speakers when they speak Spanish, as collons is used much more profusely in situations akin to those for "fuck" or "shit".

In such regions, it is commonly heard in the phrase (La) concha (de) tu madre! Me cago en Dios I shit on God Me cago en la Virgen I shit on the Virgin Me cago en la hostia I shit on the communion host Me cago en el copón I shit. 9, a particularly forceful Spanish insult is any mention of someone else's mother, including also in its strongest form (e.g. A common expression in Mexico is Vete a la verga!, meaning "Get the fuck out of here!" In Mexico can be used as difficult or impossible: Está de la verga!, "This is very difficult!" In Guatemala,. Slightly milder than coño, and is almost inoffensive in the Dominican Republic. The Street-Wise Spanish Survival Guide: A Dictionary of Over 3,000 Slang Expressions, Proverbs, Idioms, and Other Tricky English and Spanish Words and Phrases Translated and Explained. At times it can be used as an ironic term of endearment, especially in Chile and Panama, the same way as dude or "dawg" in North America (much like bue in Mexico comparably with Greek malaka.

" yardarm "choto/chota" (after "chotar" which means "to suck "porongo/poronga" (a " gourd which is also used to craft " mates "banana "salchicha/chorizo" (two kind of sausages "pedazo" (lit. Citation needed References to the buttocks edit Culo edit Culo is the most commonly used Spanish word for "ass." In El Salvador and Honduras, culero one who uses the culo refers to a male homosexual, while in Mexico. A los (santos) pedos (like (holy) farts)means "extremely fast" in Argentina. Madre edit See also: tu madre Madre, depending on its usage (for example: madrear "to beat" or hasta la madre "full can be profane in Mexico, where there is a cultural taboo against matriarchial families (because of associations with pagan witchcraft ). Vete a tomar por el culo Go and take it in the ass is an expression used in Spain, it is like Vete a la mierda but more offensive. It is also a fudge made with brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and nuts ( penuche ). Top definition puta madre unknown, spanish slang. They are equivalent to cojones in many situations.

Citation needed This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico: a Adjective 16 for damage (e.g. (Teacher: Class, I have a surprise for you. In Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Chile and Panama it also means to make a big mistake or damage something.e. "Esparrago Cojonudo 812 frutosLata 850 GrsTienda Gourmet Delicatessen". It applies to people, situations, experiences, anything. #1:Ese cojudo a sacado 50 soles de mi cajon. In Peru it is used to refer to someone from the more purely indigenous population or someone who looks very indigenous.

Huevada / Huevá (lit.: "covered in egg is used in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru in reference to objects Qué huevá más grande!" may translate to "What an annoyance! In the United States, the variant "a la verga" or "a la ver" for short, is very common in northern New Mexico, and is used frequently as an exclamatory expletive. Cara de culo (ass face) refers to an unattractive person especially when the person in question has a round face with protruding cheeks. In Chile, the word is used to mean "happy and is used for old people; for example, the sentence "La abuelita quedó chocha con el regalo que le dí" means "Granny was happy with the gift I gave her". A noun form of the word is gilipollez, meaning "stupidity" or "nonsense." Capullo edit Capullo (lit: " cocoon " or " flower bud also slang for glans penis ) is nearly always interchangeable with that of gilipollas. "Andar en pelotas" means to walk about stark naked.


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A usual derivation of the word gilipollas into an adjective form (or a false adjectival participle ) is puta madre tome 3 langues de putes agilipollado / agilipollada. Also in Puerto Rico there is a popular hotel called La Concha Resort (The Seashell). For example: "Qué maldita vaina, coñazo!" meaning "Fuck, that's bullshit!" or "Vaina'el diablo coño!" which translates as "Damn, (this) thing (is) of the devil!" but would be used to refer to a situation as "fucking shit". This, as well as other fish in the grouper genera cherna" in Spanish) are used in Cuba as well. A In Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Panama it is amongst the most popular of curse words. Partido (or partí'o (lit broken one also "political party used derogatively in Cuba. González Zúñiga,., Hernández Arias,. But all you really need to know is that that if it is directed at some one it is an offense if at no one or randomly said it is an exclamation. Madrazo, in Colombia, refers to insults in general, and "echar madrazos" means "to insult/curse somebody out." Pinche edit Pinche has different meanings: In Spain, the word refers to a kitchen helper. Muerdealmohadas (lit.: "pillow-biter used in Peru.

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